About us


The main aim of the project is the development of the international and interdisciplinary cooperation partnership, along with the exchange of good practices and the design of common collaboration initiatives at the European level, in the field of awareness of the gravity of pollution and its direct effects on health, related to improvement of educational activities; strengthening translational and interdisciplinary links; stimulating the internationalisation.


The activities are divided according to the work packages:
1. Project management: planning, communication, monitoring, supervision, coordination, financial activities
2. Training, teaching, and learning: education-training activities for students and training for staff/specialists
3. Research and development: development of didactic/scientific materials (curriculum, guide, course)
4. Communication, dissemination, and exploitation: organizing events, publications, launching the project website


– achieving the specified priorities related to inclusion and diversity, sustainable development, participation in democratic life, common values, and civic commitment
– continuous training to develop and lead innovative techniques and protocols at the institutional, national, and international level for the realization of attractive and beneficial educational and training programs
– awareness actions to highlight the importance of building a green environment, the basis of human health